​The plantation was started by Roman and Izabella Stefaniak in 1999 in Stobno. 

Currently their children Sandra and Marek are also in the familybusiness. 

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About us


Welcome on our plantation. The plantation is located in Stobno and it is about 15 hectares. We grow several varieties of American blueberries on low peat. 

To take good care of the plants we make use of a fertigation method for irrigation and fertilization. 

For good personel and plantation management, we make use of the Maxcrop software system. 


Maxcrop makes it possible for us to have full tracebility, as well on the plantation as in the warehouse. 



Max Crop

We use Max Crop as a tool to register the work on the field, as well as the people who are working. It is a very useful tool to have all data in a program on the computer or a smartphone. 

More information can be found on their website


Blueberries are picked manually by workers transported to the plantation from the surroundings of Piła. Not later than half an hour after collecting them from the bush, blueberries are cooled in a freezer-car, then they are sorted and cooled to the temperature of 2 degrees in specially designed for this purpose sterile freezers.

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Our products


We are proud of our co-operation with many well-known companies from all around the world. Our contacts include Polish as well as Western Europe companies.

Among them there are:

  • Eko-Dan (Poland)

  • Polana (Poland)

  • International Berry

  • VitalBerry BV (the Netherlands)

Our fruits are also sold on fruits&vegetables stocks in Poznan, Szczecin and Koszalin.

For many years already, we follow the scientific advices of Professor Doctor Andrzej Komosa, lecturer of Plants Nourishment Faculty from University of Life Sciences in Poznan. 

Our partners


Import & Export

We are interested in wide co-operation with plantations of American blueberry from all around the world. We are especially interested in selling our products to Western Europe, Scandinavia and the Great Britain. So far, we are well-accomodated on German and Dutch markets.

We deliver our goods with:

  • our own transport (freezers up to 7,5 tonnes)

  • through shipping



If you want to contact us you can use the below contact address details.

Borówka Wielkopolska Sp. z o.o.

Jaraczewo 9 b
64-930 Szydłowo

REGON: 570896124
NIP: 7642293094


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